It’s hot, isn’t it?

It’s a hot day. A really scorching one. A day on which, if not absolutely necessary, you yourself would stay indoors. But you’re out. Maybe because you are a student, maybe because your job requires you to. You’re out in this godforsaken weather and suddenly, there was light (metaphorically, of course).

chuski (1)

Chuski. The Indian equivalent to the western snow cones. It has been one of the oldest food stalls that any of us have seen on the streets. I mean, sure, you can easily get an ice cream too. But, there definitely something much more relieving than having flavoured shaved ice rather than a frozen milk product. You can get it in so many flavours. There’s the usual mango, strawberry, orange along with the more desi flavours- kaala khatta, roohafza.


Also, browsing on the internet I found out that There are fine dining, five star restaurants that are taking it to the next level by making stuff like Bloody Mary and Screwdriver chuski. o_O Booze. The answer to innovation in food. 😛

chuski (2)

So, how do you get this icy marvel? A big block of ice is put in a manually handled machine and  ice shavings are formed. You take the shavings in a small glass so that the shavings get accumulated and take the shape of the glass while you put a stick into it. The flavour you and is poured in a separate plastic glass along with some more shaved ice, black salt and a pinch of lemon. And, voila! You dip the forked up ice shavings in the flavoured one in the glass and SLURRRRRRP! 😀

kala-khattaI had my first experience with this cool treat quite a long time back. I don’t even remember. Now, there is not one single place where you can find a good chuski. You can find it on any food street. Or even in a five star restaurant. But seriously, I don’t see the point of that. Honestly, because it’s too simple. You can even do that at home with your mixer.

You can’t really go much wrong with it. So, go on. Try this. If you already have then give yourself another treat of it. Summer’s coming people. Chill with Chuski. 😛 😀

P. S. Personal favourite flavour- Kaala Khatta.


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