10 minutes breakfast: Walnut Corn flakes Chocó ball

Thank you for this! 😀

A Hefty Eater

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Corn flakes, Chocolate and walnut give you a piece of heaven!

I am a chocoholic and there’s nothing that will make me merrier than to have this delicious meal as my breakfast. Whenever I wake up and have my tea, all I want is to eat something that tastes like heaven but doesn’t take much time to prepare. I like baking and cooking and trying out some new dishes but not in the morning. In the morning, I only want to eat, not cook. I do the “hard-work” in afternoon. And that ‘s the reason why I love this snack. I like corn flakes but the reason I was never into corn flakes was because there was no chocolate. 😛 It might sound silly but yes, that’s the truth. There are two things that I like in a dish is that either it should be spicy or sweet. This recipe…

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