The Essentials of Holi

So, the festival of colours is here. Known to bring joy, prosperity and happiness to all, it is also known for the food. I’m going to write about the few essential food items that are impossible to miss at my home.

Gujia-The sweet delicacy


Gujia is basically a samosa that is sweet. It is a very famous dish in North India. It is filled with khoya and is made of suji. Although, not having a huge sweet tooth myself, it is part of my roots. The best Gujia, according to me, is not too sweet with a crunchy cover. And, ooh, raisins inside. I love raisins.


Dahi Vada-The curd starter

Dahi Vada Recipe

*sigh* I just love Dahi Vada. It is a dish which is popular all over the country from north to south. It consists of vadas, fried  balls of flour in dahi, yogurt. At my home, they are not exactly ball shaped. They are doughnut-like, topped off with red chilli powder, clack salt and cumin.


Mutton Curry with Puri-The lunch of CHAMPIONS


Now, mutton and puri has been the post holi celebration meal at my home for as long as I can remember. Sitting in the sun, drenched, this meal provided us hungry souls satiety after all the fun. A little spicy, the gravy and the perfect companionship of puri with it, you just can’t go wrong!

Wishing everyone a very safe, happy and prosperous holi! 🙂

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