See you again: The Return of Maggi

Maggi noodles.

The oldest thing I still remember from my childhood. Partly because it is still here. Or it was, a few months ago.

In the morning before school. At times, in the lunch box, the dried up version that we had a love-hate relationship with. The first thing we ‘cooked’ in the kitchen when our mothers got ill. The saviour of people who live alone or in a hostel, both because of taste and affordability. The drained version. Or with the broth. Or the complete modification of it in the form of fried Maggi. For my generation, Maggi noodles have been an integral part of our lives. People talk about their fondest memories as a kid. Maggi is one of them for me. The instant noodles that never got made in 2 minutes actually has a special place in all our hearts.

But, few months back, it was found that the noodles were not maintaining their standards. The ingredients were found to be harmful. And in the blink of an eyelash it was gone. BANNED. No one knew for how long. It was missed a lot. Personally, I was really sad. I haven’t eaten any instant noodles since.

But, recently the news came out that our beloved noodles are keeping up with the quality of their ingredients and is all set to make a return this Diwali. All the more reason to celebrate, eh? I’m personally overjoyed. I missed that yellow pack of happiness. And I just can’t wait to lay my hands on it the moment it comes back.